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For your appointment, please upload/bring all documents related to your matter including all documents received from the police and/or the courts or if you have a phone consult, please forward them via the client information form upload feature (or in extreme circumstances, email or fax prior to your scheduled appointment). Failure to provide all documents could result in the appointment needing to be rescheduled.  Also, if you have a phone consultation, we will not initiate the call with the potential client, so it is your responsibility to call our office at the scheduled time. If there are any changes or notices in your case between the initial communication and your appointment, please advise us immediately! We also encourage you to write down any questions you may have between now and your appointment, so we can address all of your concerns during your appointment.

Our phone number is 410-465-4665 . Should you need to fax any documents prior to your appointment, our fax number is 410-465-9330.   If you have a video conference appointment, please make sure your documents are provided beforehand in PDF form. 
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CANCELLATION POLICY: If you cannot make your appointment as scheduled, we ask that contact us  24 hours before or, at the latest, 4 hours prior to your appointment.  It is important to know that timing is crucial in these matters and postponing appointments may seriously jeopardize your position in your case. In addition, we maintain a busy trial schedule and delay my result in our inability to enter our appearance on your behalf. If you fail to show for your appointment without notice of cancellation, we reserve the right to bill you three hundred dollars as a missed appointment fee.



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